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Nature Parks

There are 14 natural landscapes in Lower Saxony designated as nature parks.
In these areas, the flora and fauna are not the only focus. Nature parks are protected areas that invite people to explore, experience and get active. The link between people and nature is strong here. The motto is “protection through use”. In line with this, the nature parks are characterised by environmentally-friendly use of the land and by an extensive range of tourist services.

The options for visitors to Lower Saxony’s nature parks are therefore very diverse. Alongside experiences in the great outdoors, each region also has plenty of culture and history to discover.

Cycling across the heaths, pulling on your hiking boots in the Weserbergland hills, a gentle stroll at Steinhuder Meer, understanding the history of the Earth at Geopark TERRA.vita, a trip on the Moorbahn railway and much more… the nature parks in Lower Saxony have plenty to offer.

Bird migration
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Lake Steinhude Nature Park

The nature park is named after its beating heart: the 30 km2 Lake Steinhude. The mystical allure of the water combined with the chance to swim, surf or set sail attracts numerous visitors to Lake Steinhude.

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Harz Nature Park

The Harz nature park stretches from Goslar, with its UNESCO-protected evidence of centuries of cultural history related to mining and the wood industry, to the karst landscape of the southern Harz mountains.

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View into the Markmorgen adventure quarry with early evening lighting
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Elm-Lappwald Nature Park

The Elm-Lappwald nature park is a nature park located in the South-East of Lower Saxony - East of the town of Braunschweig.

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Rundling Satemin
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Elbe and Wendland Nature Park

Ancient woodland, meadows and pastures, heathland and babbling brooks, the hilltops of the Elbhöhen, Göhrde state forest and the hilly landscape of the Drawehn – that is how much variety the Elbhöhen-Wendland nature park at the easternmost tip of Lower Saxony has to offer.

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Canoeing on the Dümmer
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Dümmer Nature Park

The Dümmer nature park extends over the two federal states of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia and covers 1,122 km².

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Natur- und Geopark TERRA.vita
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Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita

A variety of different landscapes, whose diversity of shapes has its origins in the turbulent geological history of the earth is spread out over 1,550 km2.

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Hümmling Nature Park

Rolling hills, extensive forests, valuable cultural heritage - the Hümmling Nature Park in Emsland has all this, embedded in the North German plain, criss-crossed by small waterways and interspersed with evidence of the megalithic culture during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

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Where are the Nature Parks?