Autumn mood in Reitlingstal, © Naturpark Elm-Lappwald/ Ulrich Scheithauer
© Naturpark Elm-Lappwald/ Ulrich Scheithauer

Elm-Lappwald Nature Park

The Elm-Lappwald nature park is a nature park located in the South-East of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) - East of the town of Brunswick. The fertile loess depressions are characteristic for the landscape. The ridges in the nature park offer a variety of forest landscapes. In addition to Elm, which is considered to be the largest and most beautiful beech forest in Northern Germany, the ridges of Dorm and Lappwald offer unspoilt nature. The nature park also includes moor and heathland.

Tourist attractions include the towns of Helmstedt, Lutter am Elm and Schöningen which await guests with their historic town centres, timber-framed buildings, professors’ houses, medieval churches and town gates as well as a variety of museums. The surroundings play host to many impressive and mystical megalithic and barrow graves, which bear witness to the prehistoric past of the region.

Active holidaymakers can discover the nature park best by bike or on foot. The Till Eulenspiegel bike and hiking trail, both of which can be experienced as day trips, come highly recommended.


Experiences in the Nature Park

Elm-Lappwald Nature Park

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