Hiking at Büsenbachtal, © Lüneburger Heide GmbH/ Dominik Ketz
© Lüneburger Heide GmbH/ Dominik Ketz

Lüneb­urg Heath and Süd­heide Nature Parks

The largest heathland region in Central Europe is located in the Lüneburger Heide in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). The centuries old cultural landscape was created through human use. Today, it is maintained by Heidschnucke, an ancient breed of sheep, which has become the symbol of the heath.

The landscape in the two nature reserves is particularly well preserved:
Lüneburg Heath nature park and the Südheide nature park .

The landscape, especially at the time of the heath bloom in August and September, is particularly interesting for visitors. In the car-free central area of the Lüneburger Heide nature park, the Wilseder Berg offers fascinating vistas of the purple coloured heath.

In addition to the heath one of Europe’s largest woodlands is located in the Südheide nature park on whose edges deer and cranes can be seen. In Pietzmoor near Schneverdingen, a planked walkway provides access to the special flora and fauna of the moorland.

The heathland is celebrated above all for its traditional villages, small museums and regional products, such as heather honey, heath potatoes and Heidschnucke. Numerous festivals, such as the Heideblütenfest in Amelinghausen where the Heather Queen is crowned, are held during the heather blooming period.

The can best be discovered individually or in a group with a local nature and landscape guide. Single and multi-day tours by bike, on foot, on horseback or in a classic horse drawn carriage can be booked. A hike on Heidschnuckenweg , which leads through both nature parks and 2014 was named the „most beautiful trail Germany“ comes highly recommended.


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