A couple standing on a jetty by the river Weser, with a camper van site in the background., © TMN / Markus Tiemann
© TMN / Markus Tiemann

Camp­ing and camper­van sites in Nieder­sachsen

There are many good reasons to holiday with a campervan or tent. You’re close to nature, you always have your own accommodation with you, and it gives you a feeling of unlimited freedom if you can forego a hotel room and move from one place to another on the spur of the moment.

When temperatures begin to rise, it’s time to get your campervan ready again. Whether you prefer to travel with a tent, a caravan or a campervan, Niedersachsen is a not-to-be-missed destination. Its diverse landscapes, towns and cities hold a great deal of interest. For example, you can head for Niedersachsen’s North Sea coast and its UNESCO world heritage site, the Wadden Sea, enjoy being close to the Netherlands in Emsland and the County of Bentheim, experience the splendour of Lüneburg Heath when the heather is in bloom, relax not far from vibrant cities, or escape the daily hustle and bustle completely at peaceful farms and in half-timbered villages.

Where are the best places to camp in Niedersachsen?

So it’s off towards the sun to one of the many campsites in Niedersachsen. And of course you’ll want to make sure your campsite has everything you need: cleanliness, good service and other essentials. Fresh water supply, grey water disposal, electricity, shopping and recreational opportunities all contribute to the overall impression, which is rounded out by good ratings on popular websites.

With over 300 sites in Niedersachsen, it’s hard to choose. But even with this wide range of choices, it’s reassuring to know you can always count on good standards and classifications.

Campsites top-rated for quality

To indicate how well they cater to the comfort and community of their guests, many of the owner-operated sites use star ratings. Ten top sites in Niedersachsen have even been awarded five stars by the German tourism association. At these sites you can expect extensive facilities offering the very best in comfort and convenience.

You can find a selection of campsites on the Campingland Niedersachsen website. The Verband der Campingplatz-Unternehmer Niedersachsen (Association of Niedersachsen Campsite Operators) has also published a brochure listing the available choices in Niedersachsen. Many caravanners and campers rely on ratings by the ADAC (German automobile association). The website pincamp.de provides an overview of all top-rated sites in Niedersachsen. We have also compiled an overview of selected certified campsites for you on our big map of Niedersachsen below. 

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