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Elbe and Wend­land

Whether you leave all your cares behind on a hike across Nemitzer Heide heathland, go beaver spotting on a canoe tour along the Elbe river or discover the secrets of the Rundling villages by bike, the Elbtalaue-Wendland region appeals to all five senses.

…where migratory birds love to dwell

In the eastern corner of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), visitors will find a special kind of natural and cultural landscape in the Elbe Valley Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) Biosphere Reserve and the Elbhöhen-Wendland Nature Park.

Ever-changing scenery, including the Elbe floodplain, meadows, marshes, heaths and moor in addition to mixed deciduous and pine forests, geest landscapes and the Drawehn hills are just waiting to be discovered on cycle routes, horse rides or hikes.

Wide stretches of countryside and historic towns and cities with half-timbered houses, including Hitzacker, Dannenberg and Lüchow, which form part of the Deutsche Fachwerkstraße (German Timber-Frame Road), are symbolic of this region’s unique character.

…where the villages are round

Dünsche, Jiggel, Reddebeitz, Salderatzen, Thunpadel, Tolstefanz… the names of the Rundling villages in the Wendland region and Clenzer Schweiz almost sound like tongue-twisters. Wherever you look, you can see lovingly restored half-timbered houses around the village squares, which have been given a new lease of life in recent times. Work is under way on creative future-orientated projects here.
During your stay in the Elbtalaue-Wendland biosphere region, why not visit the Wendlandhof open-air museum in Lübeln or discover the Rundling villages on the approx. 50 km long Rundling tour.

Location of Elbe and Wendland in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and famous sights

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