Dünen und Strand auf der Ostfriesischen Insel Baltrum
© Kurverwaltung Baltrum / Denis Metz


At just 5 kilometres long and 1.5 kilometres wide, Baltrum is the smallest of the East Frisian islands and is known as the “island of short distances”. There are no street names on the North Sea island of Baltrum, instead house numbers are assigned chronologically according to the year of construction. Despite the affectionate nickname of “Sleeping Beauty”, there is no shortage of activities on Baltrum. This holiday island is a dream destination for water-sports enthusiasts, with kiting and surfing, while stand-up paddlers will have a blast on the rippling waves of the North Sea. The “Ponte Rosa” equestrian farm offers visitors the chance to explore this North Sea island on horseback or in a carriage.


Old Island Church
© Ostfriesland Tourismus GmbH / www.ostfriesland.de
Dunes on Baltrum
© Ostfriesland Tourismus GmbH / www.ostfriesland.de
Kitesurfer off the coast of Baltrum
© Kurverwaltung Baltrum / Roman Mensing

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