River Este in the forest close to Bötersheim/Drestedt, © TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH / Alexander Kaßner
© TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH / Alexander Kaßner

Nature in Nieder­sachsen

Experience the great outdoors in Niedersachsen

Water-sculpted landscapes, curious rock formations and rare plants are just a few aspects of Niedersachsen’s uniquely fascinating natural scenery. Designated national natural landscapes including two national parks, two biosphere reserves and fourteen nature parks ensure unrivalled outdoor experiences, even for those who are not instinctive nature lovers.

Nature in all its contrasts

Experience shimmering lakes and rivers, expansive heathland and legendary mountains. The wonders of nature include migrating birds in the autumn and porpoises in the spring. Few of Germany’s states offer as much variety as Niedersachsen.

An ocean of possibilities

The power of water has sculpted the unique natural environments in Niedersachsen. The ebb and flow of the tides has shaped the North Sea coast and the East Frisian Islands (Ostfriesische Inseln) since time immemorial. Niedersachsen’s Wadden Sea is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Regular flooding has created the distinct wetlands along the Elbe river, the Elbe River Biosphere Reserve. Look out for rare animals and plants in its ever-changing ecosystem. 

The lakes in Niedersachsen are scenes of outstanding natural wonders. The lake at the heart of the Lake Steinhude Nature Park spans 30 square kilometres. With its moors, meadows and forests, the nature park offers a rich landscape for relaxation and adventure.

Vast vistas and mystic moors

Be captivated by the sweeping scenery of Lüneburg Heath (Lüneburger Heide). The landscape is characterised by moors like the 8,000-year-old Pietzmoor, which you can explore via paths and boardwalks. 

In fact, most of Germany’s moors are in Niedersachsen. The mystical moorlands in Emsland feature fascinating flora and fauna. Learn about the history of the moor and the peat-cutting industry in the Moormuseum, a worthwhile excursion for all nature and culture lovers. 

Off to new heights

Though Niedersachsen is mostly flat, it is also home to the imposing Harz Mountains. Majestic mountains, deep lakes and a forest in transition await you in the Harz National Park. The TERRA.vita UNESCO Global Geopark in Osnabrücker Land takes visitors through 300 million years of geological history as they hike across its gorges and vast plains. 

Health and wellness, naturally

Nature has produced valuable natural remedies in Niedersachsen. Enjoy the benefits of the clean air, salt, moorland and water that are used in the health treatments provided in Niedersachsen’s spa towns.  Thalassotherapy on Niedersachsen’s North Sea coast is good for both body and soul. Recharge your batteries with the healing power of the ocean.

Seasonal highlights

There’s lots to see and do throughout the year. Apple blossoms draw visitors to the Altes Land in the spring, and blooming heather enchants them in the summer in Niedersachsen. Watch the cranes and other migrating birds in the autumn, and enjoy invigorating walks on the East Frisian Islands in the winter.