Advection Robert Seidel, © lichtsicht gmbh/ Carola Löser
© lichtsicht gmbh/ Carola Löser


The charm of Lower Saxony’s local events attracts visitors all year round.Spring, summer and autumn see many travel to Lower Saxony from abroad to attend the numerous open-air events. In winter, visitors can enjoy our wide variety of traditional German Christmas markets.

Enjoy markets and local festivities, concerts, musicals, theatre and variety performances, open-air events and festivals. Discover upcoming events throughout Lower Saxony. See our event calendar to find out about local events everywhere from Lüneburger Heide, through the Harz mountains and Emsland, to the North Sea.

Browse our event calendar and plan your next day trip or holiday with friends, family or as a couple. Have fun and enjoy your stay in Lower Saxony!

Seasonal highlights

Event Calender of Lower Saxony

Schlickschlittenrennen in Upleward, © Ostfriesland Tourismus GmbH
© Ostfriesland Tourismus GmbH

18th August 2018: Schlickschlitten Races

The Schlickschlitten sleds are unleashed on the mudflats just once a year here – the Wältmeisterschaft & Ostfriesischen Wattspiele Schlickschlitten races are held in mid-summer every year.

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Alststadt, © Goslar marketing gmbh
© Goslar marketing gmbh

17th August to 09th September 2018: Goslar-Harz International Music Festival

Goslar-Harz International Music Festival offers top-class musical experiences in the heart of a unique region. The town of Goslar with its UNESCO World Heritage Sites gives the festival a wealth of inspiration, which is transformed into sound.

Filmfest Emden Norderney, © Noun
© Noun

6th to 13th June 2018: International Filmfest Emden Norderney

The International Filmfest Emden-Norderney is an independent festival for predominantly European films, documentaries and short films.

Schützenfest, © Goslar Marketing GmbH
© Goslar Marketing GmbH

29th June to 8th July 2018: Hanover Schützenfest

For ten days every year, Hanover is entirely given over to Schützenfest. Whirling rides, music, dancing and the traditional drink Lüttje Lage provide plenty of fun for all the family.

duhner wattrennen, © Annika Thiele
© Annika Thiele

22th July 2018: Duhnen Mud Race Cuxhaven

Traditionally the highlight of the season in the spa village of Duhnen. Unique! Six harness and gallop races on the sea bed, betting and a big programme of fringe events have attracted thousands of spectators to the embankments every year since 1902.

Summertime Norderney, © Summertime Norderney
© Summertime Norderney

25th. to 29th. July 2018 Summertime@ Norderney

The Summertime@NORDERNEY festival appeals to a wide audience as it combines a mix of different music genres: pop, rock, party music… And even classical! The concerts are held on a beach on the North Sea and boast top-class live music and entertainment in a breathtaking setting.