Canoeing on the Dümmer, © DümmerWeserLand-Touristik/ Oliver Lange
© DümmerWeserLand-Touristik/ Oliver Lange

Düm­mer Nature Park

The Dümmer nature park extends over the two federal states of Niedersachsen and North Rhine-Westphalia and covers 1,122 km². The centre of the nature park is the second largest lake in Niedersachsen: the Dümmer Lake. The special character of the nature park is its variety of landscapes, which consist of forests, high and low moorland as well as arable land.

Home for rare bird species

Here, you’ll find rare bird species such as the white stork, plover or black-tailed godwit at home. Nature lovers can watch the birds individually from vantage points or embark on a tour with the certified nature and landscape guides. The European centre of expertise for moorland and climate offers unique insights into the world of the moor. Moor and field railways, as well as numerous moor paths offer the opportunity to explore this unique habitat.

Tranquil town centres, museums and sports

Culture-lovers will enjoy the villages of Diepholz, Damme and Wagenfeld with their tranquil town centres and wide range of museums. The dramatic windmills are also worth a visit especially on the milling and baking open days of the Westphalian Mühlenstraße. Numerous tours are offered for active tourists. Exploring the Dümmer Lake by canoe is highly recommended, you can even continue along the river to Diepholz town centre.


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