Goslar, © GOSLAR marketing GmbH/Stefan Schiefer
© GOSLAR marketing GmbH/Stefan Schiefer

Cit­ies in Nieder­sachsen

The fascinating, multifaceted cities of Niedersachsen

Are you looking for unique cities and new holiday destinations? If so, Niedersachsen is the place to be! Nestled between the rugged Harz mountains, the wide expanse of Lüneburg Heath and the untamed North Sea, it has exactly what you’re looking for: unmissable towns and cities.

The towns of Niedersachsen – some are idyllic, others more modern, and some of them just take you by surprise. Would you like to immerse yourself in the maritime atmosphere of a harbour town? Observe the shrimp trawlers from the marina or watch the sheep on the dyke? Or how about a romantic stroll through historic old towns? You’ll be captivated by the charm of the old buildings. And if you’re interested in culture, the cities of Niedersachsen have ever so much to offer.

Are you looking for new experiences, or to get a completely new perspective on things you already know? Either way, you’ll be surprised by just how much there is to discover: experience the fascinating developments in the cities’ history at first hand, from the historical to the modern, as well as impressive culture, outstanding gastronomy, and things which thrill or relax you. And just enjoy those little unexpected encounters that often turn into unforgettable memories.

Maritime, historical, urban, modern or like something out of a fairy tale – and always very green!

The towns of Niedersachsen feel expansive, with plenty of grassy areas to relax in. City-centre parks and gardens, rivers that wind their way through the town centres, and a variety of landscapes just beyond the city limits – in Niedersachsen, you get to experience nature and urban living side by side.

Every town has something special to offer: The embankment promenade along the Oker river in Brunswick, the romantic canals in Papenburg, the castle gardens in Oldenburg, the botanical gardens in Göttingen or Verden, and the lush flood plains of the Aller river. The common theme here is water, and it’s also a feature of the old Hanseatic city of Stade, of Lingen on the Ems river or Hamelin, where the Weser river flows right through the town.

Lüneburg has extensive heathlands right on its doorstep, Goslar lies in the middle of the Harz mountains, Gifhorn will entice you to while away the time at the lake in the castle grounds, and Hildesheim boasts no less than seven nature reserves within its metropolitan area – whether shopping expeditions or outdoor recreation, in Niedersachsen it’s all in close proximity.

Impressions of the cities in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)