Holidays in Lower Saxony
Couple with bicycles takes a break at the Weser, © DZT/Jens Wegener

Holidays in Lower Saxony

Nature from Home
Summer evening Langeoog, © Tourismus-Service Langeoog/ Andreas Falk

Nature from Home

Holidays with kids
Children have fun, © fotolia

Holidays with kids

A girl has fun in the chain carousel, © Fotolia / Stefanie B.

Holidays with kids

Family Friendly Companies

KinderFerienLand certified companies are designed for parents spending their holidays with kids in Lower Saxony. All of these companies are particularly well adapted to holidays for families and are equipped accordingly. The certification is a valuable tool to help you plan your holiday.

Children have fun, © fotolia

Holidays with kids

KinderFerienLand Certification

In order to increase the appeal of the state of Lower Saxony as a child friendly holiday destination, TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH has joined forces with the state of Lower Saxony to establish the “KinderFerienLand” quality seal.

Wanderlust in Lower Saxony
Hiker in the sunset in an avenue at Haußelberg, © Lüneburger Heider GmbH/ Dominik Ketz

Wanderlust in Lower Saxony

Hiker on forest stage of the Heidschnuckenweg, © Lüneburger Heide GmbH / Dominik Ketz

Wanderlust in Lower Saxony

Hiking tours

Rucksack packed, walking boots laced and off you go on Lower Saxony’s walking routes, which are known for their quality and variety. Short circuits easily manageable in one day are on offer alongside multi-day trips along exciting long distance walking trails.

Hikers around Torfhaus in the Harz Mountains, © Harzer Tourismusverband/ M. Gloger

Wanderlust in Lower Saxony

Hiking Landscapes

In Lower Saxony there is not just one hiking region but whole areas, each with their own unique attractions. Walkers who enjoy diversity and lots of character will be thrilled to find the quality is right as well.

Autumn Hike in Tiefental, © Lüneburger Heide GmbH/ Dominik Ketz

Wanderlust in Lower Saxony


The appeal of holiday destination walking routes attracts pilgrims and anyone looking for calm and a slower pace of life. Monasteries and many other Christian sites await on several of the pilgrims trails.

Food and Drink
Kale, © Fotolia / azurita

Food and Drink

geerntete Äpfel in großen Apfelkisten zwischen Apfelbäumen, © Tourismusverband LK Stade/Elbe e. V./ Martin Elsen

Food and Drink


“Superfoods” is a term describing foods that are particularly rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or essential amino acids and that are not manufactured on an industrial scale.

Kale, © Fotolia / azurita

Food and Drink

Regional Specialities

You simply cannot fail to be impressed by the taste and flavours of traditional Lower Saxony food. In autumn and winter, curly-leaf kale is one of the best-known dishes from the Lower Saxony region. Oldenburg is the bastion of Lower Saxony kale growing, a vegetable interestingly known as “brown cabbage” in the Braunschweig region. Depending on the region, kale can either be served with Pinkel smoked Kaszanka sausage or Bregenwurst pork sausage.

milk can, © Mittelweser-Touristik GmbH

Food and Drink

Gourmet Tourist Routes

The Gourmet Tourist Routes through Lower Saxony enable tourists to sample typical German food and regional culinary delicacies precisely where they are made.

Coronavirus Information

FAQs on coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2 regarding holidays in Lower Saxony and coronavirus

- A brief overview for foreign visitors -


Am I allowed to travel to Lower Saxony from another country?

The Federal Foreign Office will provide you with information on the current entry requirements. Since 15 May, the border controls of European countries have gradually been relaxed, but at present travel for tourist purposes alone is still being discouraged.

Do I have to go into quarantine when I travel to Lower Saxony?

A 14-day quarantine period is only necessary under certain conditions. At the moment, the following applies for many of those entering: the state from which they are travelling may not have exceeded a new cumulative infection count of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in relation to the population over the past seven days (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control / ECDC).

The infection case figures can be consulted here.

Are accommodation facilities open again?

Basically, hotels, bed and breakfasts, youth hostels, holiday apartments / homes and campsites, mobile home parking spaces and mooring places in Lower Saxony can be used for tourist purposes again.

The requirements that apply are dependent on the respective destination. Different rules apply both within Germany and within the individual regions.

In part, restrictions apply for a stay on the East Frisian islands. Please take the regulations for the individual islands into account. You can find these here (in German only).


Face mask for mouth and nose

Wearing a face mask is just one of several important protective measures, and should be combined with regular, thorough hand washing and maintaining a safe distance of 1.5 metres from other people.


Please maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres from other people.

Social distancing requirements

The current social distancing requirements specify that people from a maximum of two households are allowed to meet. This means that it is not possible to share holiday accommodation with participants from more than two households.


Restaurants, pubs, outdoor beer gardens, snack bars and cafés may reopen subject to safety and hygiene requirements. The contact details of guests are recorded (name, address, telephone number). A reservation is recommended but not obligatory

Weekly markets are open and can be visited subject to wearing face masks and maintaining the social distancing regulations

Museums / theme parks / zoos: Museums, theme parks and zoos are allowed to open again. Social distancing must be maintained and any specific regulations (such as obligatory reservations or similar) must be precisely adhered to.

Guided tours: guided tours of up to 10 people are permitted once more

Retail trade and similar:

Shops may open again: subject to wearing face masks and social distancing regulations


Do restrictions apply regarding my return journey?

It depends where you are coming from. Please enquire with your government or embassy as to which arrangements have been agreed with your country and what the return journey requirements are.

**This overview is intended to provide our visitors with a brief summary.

The regulations refer to the Federal State of Lower Saxony and the ordinances are adapted to current developments. Therefore, these may be modified again at short notice, meaning that you should double check the requirements frequently.**


Due to the very dynamic development of the spreading of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) all over the world and in Germany, naturally, there is quite some insecurity with respect to holidays and travels. That is why we would like to inform you about the current situation. The protection of the population and our guests has the highest priority.

You can find further detailed information and the current requirements regarding travel to Germany for tourist purposes on the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Foreign Office websites.

To provide you with the best information possible, we have listed relevant links with important content concerning the topic of coronavirus below:

 Coronavirus: FAQs - Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community

Coronavirus information - German Tourist Board

Daily updates on the coronavirus - Federal Ministry of Health

Coronavirus in Germany - Robert Koch Institute

Travel information for Germany - Federal Foreign Office




Current Topics in Lower Saxony

Hikers around Torfhaus in the Harz Mountains, © Harzer Tourismusverband/ M. Gloger
© Harzer Tourismusverband/ M. Gloger

Hiking trips in Lower Saxony

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