Brücke Otto Leege Pfad Juist, © Kurverwaltung Juist / KV Juist
© Kurverwaltung Juist / KV Juist

How to get to Nieder­sachsen

By train

Travel by public transport to Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). The majority of cities in Niedersachsen are connected to the ICE network of Deutsche Bahn, the national rail operator.
For more information visit the website of Deutsche Bahn.


You can experience a lot with the Niedersachsen-Ticket! It applies to all local trains in Niedersachsen, Bremen and Hamburg, for up to 5 people. The Deutschland Ticket may also be of interest. This ticket allows you to use local buses and trains and currently costs 49 euro per month.

By car

Niedersachsen boast good infrastructure. In particular the motorways A7 (running North-South), A2 (running East-West) and A1 (running Northeast-Northwest) provide fast connections. An overview of distances by car:

Aarhus - Hanover: 5 hours 20 min
Amsterdam - Hanover: 3 hours 45 min
Bern - Hanover: 7 hours 55 min
Brussels - Hanover: 5 hours
Calais - Hanover: 6 hours 50 min
Copenhagen - Hanover: 6 hours 30 min (6 hours 10 min; includes the ferry)
Hamburg - Hanover: 1 hour 15 min
Rotterdam/ Hoek van Holland - Hanover: 4 hours 25 min
Vienna - Hanover: 8 hours 45 min
Warsaw - Hanover: 8 hours 10 min
Zurich - Hanover: 7 hours 25 min

By ferry to the East Frisian Islands

To reach one of the East Frisian Islands, it is best to take a ferry.
The schedules for the ferries to Norderney, Borkum and Langeoog are not affected by tides.
The schedules for the ferries to Wangerooge, Spiekeroog, Juist and Baltrum vary depending on the tides.
Here you'll find an overview of the main ferry routes: Ostfriesland (only in German).

By plane to the East Frisian Islands

Regional flight connections are available to some of the East Frisian Islands.
For more information, visit the following website: Ostfriesland (only in German).


By plane

The central arrival and departure point for those travelling by plane is Hanover Langenhagen Airport (HAJ) just outside the gates of the state capital of Hanover.

Vorfeldaufnahme, © Hannover Airport/ Marek Kruszewski
© Hannover Airport/ Marek Kruszewski

Hanover - Langenhagen Airport

Baggage, © Fotolia / iana_kolesnikova
© Fotolia / iana_kolesnikova

Münster/ Osnabrück Airport

Bremen Airport, © Fotolia / YakobchuckOlena
© Fotolia / YakobchuckOlena

Bremen Airport

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