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North Sea

Cycle rides along the beautiful coastline, long walks along the dike, hikes along the vast tidal mudflats – on the North Sea coast of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), your body will practically crave intensive exercise in the fresh salty air. But don’t worry, you don’t have to exert yourself to feel instantly revitalised!

A walk along the tidal mudflats of the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site comes highly recommended, as it is the perfect opportunity to unwind that you would expect from a holiday on Niedersachsen’s coast.
An unbelievable tranquillity prevails here, where the North Sea gives way to the tidal mudflats, making it a wonderful place to sharpen the senses.

Tourists can also hear the soft squelching noise of what experts claim to be the tiny feet of washed-up mussels digging their way back underground.

The bike tours past historic manors, impressive lighthouses and old mills lining the route like a string of pearls – which all seasoned mountain bikers are sure to appreciate - are varied and popular with all age groups. White- and- green signposts guide the way to the next picturesque village or little harbour, where you can gather your strength with some bread rolls and generous portions of fish or shrimp. And with the wind on your back to push you along, you inevitably get the feeling of having not only travelled but also truly experienced Niedersachsen’s North Sea coast.

Location of the North Sea holiday region in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and famous sights


Nordseeküste, © Tourismusverband Landkreis Stade/Elbe e.V./ Martin Elsen
© Tourismusverband Landkreis Stade/Elbe e.V./ Martin Elsen

North Sea Cycle Route

  • Type of tour: Straight-course tour
  • Tour length: 568 km
  • Highest point: 54m
Klimatherapie am Strand EN, © Kulturverwaltung Wangerooge / Kees van Surksum
© Kulturverwaltung Wangerooge / Kees van Surksum

Thalasso spa treatments by the North Sea

Health and beauty regimen from the sea

Niedersachsen Wadden Sea Germany, © Nationalparkverwaltung Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer / Norbert Hecker
© Nationalparkverwaltung Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer / Norbert Hecker

Wadden Sea National Park: UNESCO World Heritage Site

The effect of the tide’s ebb and flow has created a very special coastal landscape that stretches from the Netherlands, along the coasts of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and Schleswig-Holstein, all the…

© Janis Meyer
© Janis Meyer

Seal Sanctuary Nationalpark-Haus

The seal sanctuary is a care facility for marine mammals, where abandoned seals are raised and returned to the North Sea.

Kaiser-Wilhelm bridge, Wilhelmshaven , © Wilhelmshaven Touristik & Freizeit GmbH / Martin Stöver
© Wilhelmshaven Touristik & Freizeit GmbH / Martin Stöver


German Emigration Center, © Deutsches Auswandererhaus/	Kay Riechers
© Deutsches Auswandererhaus/ Kay Riechers

German Emigration Center Bremerhaven

Experience emigration, search for clues and understand migration in the German Emigration Center in Bremerhaven.

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360° Impression of the North Sea

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