View from branch canal to steel mill in Salzgitter, © Tourist-Information Salzgitter
© Tourist-Information Salzgitter


Salzgitter is the third largest industrial centre in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and is primarily known for its business enterprises. But the city in the northern foothills of the Harz mountains offers a surprising number of recreational, sport and cultural opportunities, unique green spaces and a multitude of festivals. Each of the 31 districts has something different to offer: for example, Salzgitter-Bad is characterised by the Old Town with its half-timbered buildings, Lebenstedt contains the central pedestrian precinct and Salzgittersee lake. Gebhardshagen boasts a historical centre on the moated castle and a large leisure area around the outdoor forest pool. In the ‘canal village’ of Bleckenstedt the Stichkanal and a quaint village café take centre stage.

Although the city was only formed in 1942, most of the districts have a long and eventful individual history. This can be explored, for example, in the Salder House Museum, the Steterburg abbey church or in the ruins of Lichtenberg castle.

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