Resort Baumgeflüster, © Resort Baumgeflüster
© Resort Baumgeflüster

A spe­cial kind of ac­com­mod­a­tion

How about sleeping in a beach chair with a view of the North Sea or a bed in the middle of a meadow? Or watching giraffes and antelopes from your bed, or spending the night in a luxury tree house overlooking a wolf enclosure?

Our selection of special places to spend the night in Niedersachsen has something for both nature lovers and luxury aficionados looking for unusual accommodation.

In the overview you will always find new places to stay in Niedersachsen. We hope you enjoy exploring and experiencing them.

Special Kinds of Accomodation

Camping barrels, © Campingplatz "Auf dem Simpel"
© Campingplatz "Auf dem Simpel"

Camping Barrels

Experience an unforgettable stay with up to 4 people in a camping pod!

Masai-Mara-Lodges im Serengeti-Park, © Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen GmbH
© Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen GmbH

An African-Style Holiday

Bulli Camp Heide Park resort Holiday Camp, © Heide Park Resort
© Heide Park Resort

Heide Park Resort Holiday Camp

Resort Baumgeflüster, © Resort Baumgeflüster
© Resort Baumgeflüster

Resort Baumgeflüster

Schlosshotel Münchhausen, © Schlosshotel Münchhausen
© Schlosshotel Münchhausen

Schlosshotel Münchhausen in Aerzen near Hamelin

Bed & Breakfast SahaRa, © B&B SahaRa/ Susanne Radtke
© B&B SahaRa/ Susanne Radtke

Bed & Breakfast SahaRa in Lüneburg

Overnight beach chair Norderney, © Staatsbad Norderney GmbH, Janis Meyer
© Staatsbad Norderney GmbH, Janis Meyer

Overnight beach chairs

If you want an overnight stay on the beach, the North Sea in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) is the place to be – the overnight beach chairs are a unique experience.

Tree tents in the Barfusspark Harkebrügge, © Wolfgang Stelljes
© Wolfgang Stelljes

Tree tents in Niedersachsen

Tree Inn, © Tree Inn
© Tree Inn

The Tree Inn treehouse hotel

In search of something special? There is an extraordinary hotel in Wolfcenter Dörverden in Lower Saxony where you can spend an unforgettable night 5 metres above a wolf enclosure.

Baumhaus Kobel Solling, © Baumhaushotel Solling GmbH/ Stefan Brill
© Baumhaushotel Solling GmbH/ Stefan Brill

Solling treehouse hotel Germany

Whether you want to spend a romantic night with your partner or make your children’s or grandchildren’s dream come true, this treehouse hotel is worth the trip all year round.

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