Hunte, © Jörg Guhn
© Jörg Guhn

Wilde­shaus­er Geest Nature Park

The Wildeshauser Geest nature park is the largest nature park in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and, at 1,500 km2, is one of the largest in Germany. The unique landscape of the region consists of species-rich mixed woodland, avenues, hedge-lined fields, sand dunes, as well as moor and heathland. With the necessary peace of mind you can watch sandpipers, kingfishers and dragonflies, while in autumn during the migration season, cranes can also be seen here within their natural environment. Moor train rides are offered in the „Home in the Moor“ nature protection and information centre.

The moor nature trail and the moor tunnel allow visitors to view the moorland from an underground perspective. In addition, there are also peaceful villages, dolmens thousands of years old, wind and water mills, and medieval churches to be discovered. In addition to guest houses and gags where region-typical beech wheat specialities are offered, the original „Melkhüser“ with their milk and yoghurt specialities invite visitors to try their local products.

This is particularly welcome with active travellers. Whether by bike or canoe, on foot or on horseback; the offer is great for nature and culture-related guests. A tour on the megalithic bicycle route or a ride in a canoe on the river Hunte is recommended. All tours are bookable individually or with a guide as either single or multi-day tours.


Natur Park Wildeshauser Geest

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