View of the Steinhuder Meer, on the right sailboats at the berth
, © Naturpark Steinhuder Meer, Region Hannover/ Claus Kirsch
© Naturpark Steinhuder Meer, Region Hannover/ Claus Kirsch

Lake Stein­hude Nature Park

The nature park is named after its beating heart: the 30 km² Lake Steinhude. The mystical allure of the water combined with the chance to swim, surf or set sail attracts numerous visitors to Lake Steinhude, particularly in the summer months. The beach at the White Dunes on the lake’s northern shore and the bathing island on the southern shore are popular spots for both water-lovers and sun-worshippers alike.

Explore moorlands and the nature reserve

However, there is much more to the landscape of the nature park than just the lake, with sprawling moorlands such as the Dead Moor and Wunstorf Moor also shaping the scenery. In addition, the Rehburg Hills as well as vast forests and the Meerbruchwiesen nature reserve provide diverse scenery to make the nature park a major national recreational area.

Cycling, hiking and more

Lake Steinhude Nature Park, which was the first certified  “Sustainable Holiday Destination” Nature Park, has lots to offer both on water and dry land. Visitors can take a relaxed stroll along the beach promenades in the resorts of Mardorf and Steinhude, before seeking replenishment in one of the many fish restaurants. Other highlights in Steinhude are the historical barn quarter and the butterfly farm. Cycling around Lake Steinhude allows you to take in the local nature and discover various adventure trails and themed routes. But be careful, because the woods by Lake Steinhude are home to some dangerous creatures! Not to worry: your fear will soon be replaced by fascination once you enter Dinosaurierpark Münchehagen! Another place which is always worth a visit is Sigwardskirche church in Idensen, which houses the oldest bell in Niedersachsen.

You can also find an interactive exhibition themed around the moors at the Naturparkhaus. You can find out more about the countless leisure options there and at other information centres in the area.




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