Klimatherapie am Strand EN, © Kulturverwaltung Wangerooge / Kees van Surksum
© Kulturverwaltung Wangerooge / Kees van Surksum

Thalasso spa treat­ments by the North Sea

The most precious ingredient of a Thalasso cure is seawater. Derived from the Greek word “thálassa”, meaning “sea”, Thalasso spa treatments use healing processes based on the power of the sea. On the North Sea coast, all healthy Thalasso ingredients are locally sourced. Cold or heated seawater, the sea breeze, sunshine, seaweed, chalk, mud and sand can be used in Thalasso treatments to alleviate, or even heal, medical conditions such as rheumatism or dermatological diseases. Thalasso is a tried-and-tested method of combating stress and also helps to improve the health of sufferers of sleep and metabolic disorders and heart disease.

Thalasso helps with the targeted treatment of diseases and enhances general well-being. Do you want to breathe easy again? The purity of the North Sea air and its increased moisture content – the so-called “aerosol” – have a positive effect on the respiratory system. There is more to Thalasso treatments than massages, saunas and bathing: exercise in the healthy bracing climate also plays a key role. This includes water aerobics or a long walk by the North Sea surf zone.

Knowledge garnered from the power of the sea is now increasingly being incorporated into cosmetics treatments and health and wellness vacations. As such, many wellness and Thalasso centres along the coast and on the East Frisian Islands offer specialised treatments for a relaxing break. In addition to hydrotherapy, seaweed and mud wraps and massages, guests can try special seawater showers or aerosol inhalations.

Do you want to give Thalasso a go? The European Audit Institute Wellness & Spa e.V. chose the North Sea coast in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) as the first certified Thalasso region in Europe. Head to a Thalasso spa for the perfect break from day-to-day life. The healing power of the sea is a blessing for mind, body and soul and can be experienced in the following destinations in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony):