Wattwandern vor Wangerooge, © Kurverwaltung Wangerooge/ Kees van Surksum
© Kurverwaltung Wangerooge/ Kees van Surksum

Hik­ing through the Wad­den Sea

Hiking through the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site is a very special ramble, and is often a fixture of the North Sea experience of many visitors.

Thanks to the phenomenon of the tides, the ocean floor dries up every six hours, making it possible to walk far into the tidal flats and explore this unique natural area. A tidal flat hike should always be undertaken with a certified Wadden tour guide, as inexperienced hikers may easily get lost in an expected thick fog or fall prey to the tidal inlets suddenly filling up with water.

Numerous creatures of the most varied types, such as mussels, hermit crabs and lugworms, call the Wadden Sea home – you can make their acquaintance along the way.
In the Wangerland, for example, tidal flat hikes are offered at dusk, allowing visitors to experience the Wadden Sea in a totally different atmosphere and to enjoy a stunning palette of colour.


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