German Emigration Center
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German Emigration Center Bremerhaven

Learn about emigration and follow in the footsteps of those long gone at the German Emigration Centre in Bremerhaven.

At what is now Havenwelten Bremerhaven, there once stood an important port of departure where men, women and children took to the sea with all of their belongings. Sadly, it was not love of adventure, but rather pure necessity and hopelessness that brought over seven million people to Bremerhaven between 1830 and 1974, a period which defined the city: in 1850, Bremerhaven had a population of 4033, but saw over 50,000 emigrants pass through its port every year. Driven from their homes as a result of insufficient land, unemployment and inequality, people came here in droves to leave the country by sea.

This exact dock is now the location of the German Emigration Centre, which casts light on the era in which Bremerhaven served as Germany’s largest emigration port. An extended area of the museum also presents the history of immigration into Germany in an equally enthralling and informative style.

The German Emigration Centre does not fit the usual definition of a museum. There’s adventure at every turn to leave a lasting impression. This is a place of reflection, remembrance, learning, experience and awe in equal measure. Living history is presented as a timeless experience which attracts visitors to Bremerhaven from as far away as the USA.

You can find more in-depth information on the museum’s website.

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