fresh asparagus, © Fotolia - svetlana kolpakova
© Fotolia - svetlana kolpakova

Nieder­sachsen As­paragus Route

Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) is the “asparagus-growing state” and every fifth spear of asparagus eaten is Germany is grown here. The asparagus fields are a dominant feature of the landscape from as early as March. Once the asparagus harvest is over, the green plants and red berries mean that the asparagus fields are still easily recognisable well into the autumn. The narrow spears contain protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals – literally brimming with health-giving properties!

The “Niedersachsen Asparagus Route” logo is synonymous with high-quality locally grown asparagus, charming countryside, interesting attractions, magnificent festivals, markets and special local events that make it worth visiting even when the asparagus season is over. Since 1999, the 750-km long Niedersachsen Asparagus Route (Niedersächsische Spargelstrasse) has connected up the tourist regions of Lüneburg Heath, Hanover and surroundings, the Braunschweiger Land, Mittelweser river valley and the Oldenburger Münsterland. A tourist route that offers a wealth of culinary delights relating to what the locals refer to as “white gold” – asparagus – and not just during the asparagus harvest season that runs from April to June. It’s a matter of taste whether you enjoy German asparagus served with a warm hollandaise sauce or with melted butter and ham. So too is the hotly contested debate about the best German asparagus in the region.

Take a trip along the Asparagus Route in the merry month of May from Burgdorf near Hanover and buy freshly cut asparagus directly from the grower – exquisite! Then complete your trip by visiting an asparagus exhibition, naturally combined with an asparagus sampling session, and why not try cutting the asparagus spears yourself? Visit the Asparagus museum in Nienburg and get an impression of the history of the superfood.

There are also organised tours along the Asparagus Route, for day visitors as well as weekend tourists, whether you wish to indulge in this epicurean delight, buy asparagus fresh from the growers or watch the asparagus pickers in their back-breaking work.

Niedersächsische Spargelstrasse e.V.

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