Moorbahn in Barßel-Saterland, © Verbund Oldenburger Münsterland / Touristinformation Barßel-Saterland
© Verbund Oldenburger Münsterland / Touristinformation Barßel-Saterland

Oldenburger Münsterland

The centuries-old links to Münster and Oldenburg have shaped Oldenburger Münsterland’s very special way of life. The locals are down-to-earth and sincere, and are only too happy to offer visitors an insight into the customs of and day-to-day life in the countryside. There are plenty of institutions offering exciting insights into this cultural region.

The region is also known for its fascinating natural diversity: the wooded Dammer Berge (Damme Hills) with its Lake Dümmer watersports paradise; the Thülsfelder Talsperre dam with its jagged banks; the expansive moor in the Nordkreis Vechta district and the tranquil river landscape of the Hasetal Valley. Up in the far north are the municipalities of Barßel and Saterland, where you can already smell the North Sea in the air. Each of these places has its very own way of life, which makes a trip to Oldenburger Münsterland an exciting and varied outing into the countryside.
Whether you go by bike, canoe, horse, car or camper van, you can discover the country and its people in the most relaxing and enjoyable way.


Wasserquerung auf dem Barfußpfad, © Kurverwaltung Bad Bodenteich/ Jürgen Clauß
© Kurverwaltung Bad Bodenteich/ Jürgen Clauß

Barefoot hiking

Have your feet had enough of walking all the time in thick, hot hiking boots? Take them off and try to take a barefoot hike!

Museumsdorf Cloppenburg, © Museumsdorf Cloppenburg / MIC
© Museumsdorf Cloppenburg / MIC

The Niedersachsen Open-Air Museum

Museumsdorf Cloppenburg in the Oldenburger Münsterland

Horses, © Matthias Niehues
© Matthias Niehues

Equestrian Tradition in the Oldenburger Münsterland

Oldenburg Horses – in a Class of Their Own

Very popular, the regional horse breed "Alt Oldenburger", © Michael Stephan/ Museumsdorf Cloppenburg
© Michael Stephan/ Museumsdorf Cloppenburg

Open-air Museum Cloppenburg

In the open-air museum in Cloppenburg's museum village, the village idyll of typical half-timbered houses is complete.

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