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As an area known for its holiday destinations and leisure activities, the Mittelweser region is compact, pristine and homely. The Mittelweser begins at the point where the Weser river leaves the town of Porta Westfalica behind and carves a route north through the expanses of the Norddeutsche Tiefebene (North German Plain). The flat marshes of the Weser river between Minden and Hanover in the south and Bremen in the north are the perfect places to explore.

Wide expanses of geest landscape with magnificent forests, lush green fields and sprawling moorland and heaths dominate the landscape. Visitors need to take time to truly appreciate the Mittelweser region as pleasure, relaxation and getting away from the daily grind are the order of the day here. Rural life is still defined by the rhythm of the seasons, and visitors have been known to embrace this pace.

Location of Mittelweser in Lower Saxony and famous sights


dinosaurs Münchehagen
© Dinosaurier-Park Münchehagen GmbH & Co.KG

Dinopark Münchehagen

An open-air museum in Münchehagen: Germany’s largest scientific adventure theme park

Niedersäschsisches Spargelmuseum
© Mittelweser-Touristik GmbH

Nienburg Asparagus Museum

Radler auf dem Weser-Radweg in Oberweser
© Weserbergland Tourismus e.V / M. Gloger

Weser Cycle Route

  • Type of tour: Straight-course tour
  • Tour length: 520 km
  • Highest point: 157m

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