Re­cipes: Dish Up De­li­cious Kale

Kale is the only fixed feature in the winter cuisine of Northern Germany. Otherwise, nothing is forbidden and everything goes! But to make sure that you don't have to rush off into wild experiments, we've compiled some surprising, unusual, innovative, creative - but above all delicious - recipes.

We believe that with these recipes, Haute Cuisine, together with its pretentious vocabulary, can take a hike. Experience the amazing versatility of kale and rediscover the mainstays of international classic cuisine.

But before we embark on experiments in with kale, let's first have a look at the classic version.

Kale is probably one of those dishes you remember from your earliest days of childhood. As we've mentioned before, once it's been exposed to the first frost of winter, kale - also known as Oldenburg palm leaves - is the star of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)'s culinary landscape. Exposed to the frosty night-time temperatures, the vegetable from the cabbage family develops its typical flavour and famous, slightly sweet note.

Kale is healthy and strengthens the immune system. When the first kale is available in the shops starting in November, you can whiz up a broad variety of dishes in addition to the classic preparation method. Pork-and-beef sausages (Mettwurst) and Kasseler pork meat go particularly well with kale, but why not try delicate kale chips or a special variation of the Australian specialty ‘Carpet Bag steak’ - ostrich filet steaks filled with oysters and kale? Fancy kale as a drink? Try a kale smoothie, which is rich in vitamins. Our delicious kale recipes are proof that there are many tasty ways to prepare kale.