The plate is stocked with kale, pinkel, potatoes and smoked pork., © Fotolia - Dzinnik Darius
© Fotolia - Dzinnik Darius

Kale with ba­con and Pinkel [smoked saus­age]

What is one of the best things about winter for northern Germans? Quite clearly: the kale season. After the first frost, the kale can be harvested. Traditionally, it is served with potatoes, Kassler and Bregenwurst. The Oldenburg area in particular is famous for the delicious cabbage. Kale also goes by two other names besides this one: Braunkohl and Krauskohl. Even though the cabbage has different names in different regions, everyone agrees on one thing: kale is one of the tastiest specialities in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and has established itself as a real traditional food.

Recipe: Kale with bacon and pinkel