Kale field, © Tourismusmarketing Niedersachsen GmbH
© Tourismusmarketing Niedersachsen GmbH

Olden­burg: the ‘Kale Tour Cap­it­al’

Some titles are applied for, some fought for, still others are earned automatically over the course of time. The latter applies to the title of  ‘Kale Tour Capital’. Oldenburg has been the proud bearer of the title since 2010 - and in no other town could the title be more fitting.

The arrival of the first frosts in autumn is the cue for the people of Oldenburg to spring to life, load up their handcarts and go on a kale tour. For some, this will involve a particular type of bowling called ‘Boßeln’, while others take part in an egg-and-spoon race, a sack race or some other fun game from their childhood. Every tour ends at a pub or guesthouse with the enjoyment of some kale delicacies.

In Oldenburg, there is a long-standing tradition of kale excursions: the Oldenburg Gymnastic Association, founded in 1859, invented the kale tour in its modern form.

Tourists can deepen their knowledge of kale in a number of different ways. Those still learning the peculiar ways of North German life can register for a cookery course at the Kale Academy. The more advanced can sign up for an exclusive course at the School of Creative Cooking and Sophisticated Living in Oldenburg, where kale features in both desserts and savoury dishes.

At the Tourist Information office in Oldenburg, fans of kale and kale tours will find all sorts of items and fan merchandise with which to demonstrate their enthusiasm for kale. The ‘Oldenburg Palm Tree’ decorates souvenirs from the capital of the kale tour. Whether t-shirts, underwear or kitchen equipment: ‘kale kings’ and ‘kale queens’ will find no shortage of kale-related items, featuring the Oldenburg Palm Tree.

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