dinosaurs Münchehagen, © Dinosaurier-Park Münchehagen GmbH & Co.KG
© Dinosaurier-Park Münchehagen GmbH & Co.KG

Dino­park Müncheha­gen

Kinderferienland Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
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The Dino­park Müncheha­gen open-air mu­seum is Ger­manys´s largest sci­entif­ic ad­ven­ture theme park. On a 2.5 km tour of the park, vis­it­ors can learn all there is to know about the fas­cin­at­ing de­vel­op­ment of life through­out the Earth´s his­tory, with over 250 real­ist­ic re­con­struc­tions of life-size di­no­saurs and oth­er pre­his­tor­ic creatures. Vis­it­ors come face-to-face with all well-known di­no­saur spe­cies through­out the open-air space: the Ste­go­saur­us, Tri­cer­atops, Bra­chiosaur­us and, of course, the Tyr­an­no­saur­us Rex. The largest mod­el is of a di­no­saur who shook the Earth: at more than 45 metres in length and 9 metres tall, the Seis­mo­saur­us is big­ger than a double-deck­er bus! This di­no­saur mod­el is the largest re­con­struc­tion made with sci­entif­ic ad­vice.

New ex­hib­its are con­stantly be­ing ad­ded, with all re­con­struc­tions of pre­his­tor­ic creatures in the di­no­saur-themed open-air mu­seum cre­ated in col­lab­or­a­tion with a team of sci­ent­ists us­ing the latest re­search find­ings.

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