Hiking at Büsenbachtal, © Lüneburger Heide GmbH/ Dominik Ketz
© Lüneburger Heide GmbH/ Dominik Ketz

Lüneb­urg Heath

Lüneburger Heide is one of the best-known holiday destinations in Germany. No wonder given the wealth of possibilities there. The contrast between sleepy villages, meandering rivers and the tapestry of hills formed in the Ice Age is undoubtedly particularly appealing. With colourful deciduous forests, plumes of cotton grass and juniper berries, there are natural attractions wherever you go all year round. The purple sea of blooming heather from August to September is of course the heath's most famous attraction.

There is also plenty to explore in Lüneburger Heide on either side of the nature trail. Its gentle gradients mean the region is also suitable for inexperienced walkers and families with children.

The Heidschnuckenweg Trail

Here, among the grazing heathland sheep after which the trail is named, runs one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany. The heathlands of Lüneburger Heide are strung together like pearls along the 223 kilometre Heidschuckenweg trail from Hamburg's district of Fischbek to Celle. Each one is unique in its own way. Walkers can safely leave the hiking boots at home this time since at 169 metres, Wilsede Hill is easily the highest peak. 

I’m Off Then - those hoping to experience the unique feeling of a pilgrim walk like German writer Hape Kerkeling should embark upon the 300 km long Lüneburger Heide Jakobusweg (Camino de Santiago) trail. With religious landmarks and historic graves along the way, you are guaranteed to find peace along the Camino de Santiago trail.

Impressions of the Lüneburg Heath