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MOORWELTEN – European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate

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The MOORWELTEN exhibition presents the significance of the moors for climate protection in an interactive, multimedia way. Here you can learn why the crane and other migratory birds are found in such large numbers on the Diepholz moors today. You can test your knowledge on various bird species in a bird quiz, while the barefoot park offers plenty of space for individual touch experiences. Younger visitors can let off steam in the moorland sheep adventure world, while their parents relax in the outdoor restaurant. Moor experience tours are offered every Saturday and Sunday, providing a chance to experience the moor with all the senses.

Moorwelten -Europäisches Fachzentrum Moor und Klima Wagenfeld GmbH

Auf dem Sande 11
49419 Wagenfeld-Ströhen
Phone: +49 (0) 5774 / 9978220


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