The old town market with its fountain
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With around 250,000 residents, Brunswick is Lower Saxony’s second largest city and a popular destination for city trips and cultural tours. There is plenty to explore in the “city of lions”: old buildings showcasing centuries of architectural history give an impression of Brunswick’s eventful past as a Hanseatic city influenced by the Royal House of Hanover. Beautiful parks and natural landscapes along the Oker river, the winding alleys in the Magniviertel district and the Old Town are perfect places to take a stroll. Brunswick boasts independent boutiques and international household names, making it an attractive place to shop. A number of visitors travel to the city for its excellent museums, such as the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum and the Kunstverein Brunswick art institution, as well as its renowned theatres, most notably the historic Staatstheater. Popular events such as the Burgplatz-Open-Air with outdoor theatre performances enhance the eclectic cultural offerings. And best of all: everything that makes Brunswick a major city is just a short walk away.


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View of the lion on the castle square
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The Braunschweiger Löwe (Brunswick Lion) statue

The majestic Braunschweiger Löwe (Brunswick Lion) statue takes pride of place in the centre of the Burgplatz square, surrounded by Dankwarderode Castle and Brunswick Cathedral.

Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum
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Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum

The Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum is an art museum in the federal state of Lower Saxony. Not only is it one of the oldest museums in Europe (it was opened in 1754), it is also one of the world’s most…

Residenzschloss Braunschweig
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Residential palace in Brunswick

Right in the middle of the city lies the Guelph Palace, known as the Residenzschloss.

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