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The 1,050-year-old town of Lüneburg is located between Hamburg and Hanover, and is one of the most fascinating places in northern Germany. Its historic red brick Gothic architecture creates an exciting contrast to the town’s young and lively vibe. Lüneburg survived World War II intact, so it boasts a closed, medieval townscape – one reason why its Hanseatic status was reinstated in October 2007. In the town centre, visitors encounter its history wherever they go, and it becomes evident that salt was the most valuable asset back in the day. Salt was extracted in the Lüneburger Saline (Lüneburg Saltworks) for more than 1,000 years. Trading this precious “white gold” meant that the town accumulated wealth and commanded respect in the Middle Ages.

But there is more to this place than its museums and history, Lüneburg is also a university town: thousands of students live and learn here, creating a colourful and youthful vibe. Shopping in the traffic-calmed town centre is a sheer pleasure – many well-stocked specialist shops under the historic gables provide everything you could wish for, and visitors can park in one of the car parks near the town centre while they go on a shopping spree.


Old Crane
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The Old Crane

The Old Crane in the former port on the Ilmenau river is a historic port crane in Lüneburg.

Old Town Hall
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Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall is considered to be the largest medieval town hall in northern Germany. The oldest parts of the town hall were constructed in around 1230. The municipal administration is still based…

Shopping in Lüneburg
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Shopping town

Plenty of small, often independent, shops and boutiques line the streets of the town centre. Stroll through the beautiful Old Town and saunter across traditional squares.

Signpost to the German Salt Museum in Lüneburg.
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German Salt Museum in Lüneburg

Salt is white, salt makes you thirsty, salt is odourless, salt is inexpensive, salt is an insignificant white grain.

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