Hiking in the Weserbergland

Bright colours and intensive smells

Hiking in the Weserbergland is like a journey through time, coupled with fascinating natural spectacles. This means romantic castles, historical towns, mythical figures, spectacular cliffs, vibrant high moors and dense jungle-like forests. The two new quality-certified hiking trails, the Weserbergland-Weg and the Ith-Hils-Weg, now allow hikers to experience nature on foot and at close hand.

True to the motto, "True Nature - Real Experience", the 225 km long Weserbergland-Weg invites guests to satisfy their longing for unspoilt nature. Highlights of the 13 stages are, for example, the high moorland of Mecklenbruck, Münchhausen's home town Bodenwerder, the Weser renaissance palace, Hämelschenburg, or Hamelin, home to the Pied Piper. The Ith-Hils-Weg to the east of the Weserbergland, offers 80 km and a very high quality standard. On mostly unspoilt routes, the loop trail leads in seven stages and on ridge walks to impressive cliffs, historic towers and ancient places of worship, through tranquil lake landscapes and into mystical caves.

The region around Hannover Münden is well signposted and is thus well suited for hiking. The Märchenlandweg (Fairy Tale trail) offers the opportunity to explore the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and local legends in northern Hesse and the southern Weserbergland. You will discover palaces, castle ruins, monasteries, medieval half-timbered towns and many fairy tale characters and larger-than-life legends along the 380 km hiking trail, which is signposted throughout.

The Frau-Holle-Pfad crosses through the full length of the Münden nature reserve, from north to south. The full course through the nature reserve takes in no less than three important conservation areas.

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