Weserrenaissance Schloss Bevern, © Touristinformation Bevern
© Touristinformation Bevern

Bevern Castle

Bevern Castle was built by the nobleman Statius von Münchhausen
in the style of the Weser Renaissance from 1603 to 1612. It later became the royal residence of Ferdinand Albert I, a son of Duke Augustus the Younger of Braunschweig (Brunswick) and Lüneburg. Elisabeth Christine, the later wife of the Prussian King Frederick II, was also descended from the line of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern.

Following 400 years of vicissitudes and turmoil, destruction and decay, this former stately home of a country aristocrat underwent a renaissance in the 20th century, rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Today, the Renaissance Castle of Bevern is owned by the administrative district of Holzminden which, over the years, has increasingly established the castle as a cultural centre of supraregional importance.

With high-level master concerts, varied folk concerts, inspirational theatre performances, exciting guided tours of the castle, multimedia shows and interesting and expertly realized exhibitions, the “Kulturzentrum Weserrenaissance Schloss Bevern” (“Bevern Castle Cultural Centre”) is worth more than just one visit.

Bevern Castle is an architectural jewel that breathes the zeitgeist of the Renaissance: in summer, the ornamented facades of the inner courtyard serve as backdrop for the multimedia open-air production entitled “NÄCHTLICHES SCHLOSS – erleben” (“Experience the Night-time Castle”) which brings the chequered history of the castle to life.

Bevern Castle

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