A fascinating journey through the Weserbergland

A fascinating and varied journey awaits in the romantic mountain range with its soft hills and river that lends it its name. From the convergence of the Weser river to Bad Oeynhausen, wonderful, historic timber-framed houses line up like a chain of pearls in an idyllic river landscape. This picturesque setting is also home to world-famous fairy tales and legends, bringing them back to life. Remember the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Cinderella or Baron Münchhausen? You may just encounter some of these illustrious figures today on a journey through the Weserbergland.
Did you know that the Weserbergland is home to the biggest collection of Renaissance buildings north of the Alps? Magnificent fortresses and castles exhibiting the Weser Renaissance style typical of the region line the way and lend the region its very special charm. The Weserbergland is best explored by bike. One of the most popular cycle routes in Germany, the Weser river cycle route, will take you from the Weserbergland uplands to the North Sea. Or perhaps you prefer a walk? Then discover the region up close on the Weserbergland trail.
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