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The holiday region Mittelweser is a manageable, original and cosy region. The flat land along the river Weser is surrounded by Minden and Hannover in the south and Bremen in the north. The region invites you to take vacation of yourself. Wide meadows with marvellous forests and fields, extensive bog and heath areas emboss the landscape. From Nienburg, located in the centre of the region, no tone of the neat holiday resorts is more than 50 kilometres away. You still need to take your time for visiting the Mittelweser, because you will enjoy everything and forget the every day stress. In this rural area, life is still determined by the rhythm of the seasons. This rhythm will also influence the visitor.

In the farming country of the Mittelweser you will find top-class products all produced within the region itself. Try the regional specialities such as Nienburg asparagus, cabbage, Weser eel or blueberries. Blueberries as far as the eye can see - great fun for young and old when you pick them yourself. The "Blue Dream" alone is well worth the trip - blueberries with vanilla ice-cream, advocaat and cream.

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