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© Oldenburg Tourismus und Marketing GmbH


Unique urban moments can be experienced in Oldenburg, which boasts a large pedestrian area, a diverse theatre scene, Lower Saxony’s most important inland port as well as gardens and farms adorned with flowers within the city. Next to this is a historic palace and a church, which impresses visitors with its Gothic architecture on the exterior and a beautiful classic rotunda on the interior.

You would be wrong to think that with so many imposing structures and rural charm, the city’s cult status has fallen by the wayside. After all, Oldenburg has been a university city since 1973. There are more than 20,000 students here, so there are plenty of buzzing, trendy meeting places, a young cultural scene, quirky boutiques and well-stocked bookshops – the perfect ingredients needed to bring a city to life! Those who can't decide between the pace of a metropolis and the peace and quiet of a countryside idyll will find a mixture of both here.

Visitors and residents love Oldenburg for its atmospheric qualities and its very special character, which is hard to describe but can be felt intuitively when visiting the city. Cosmopolitan, innovative, authentic. A real sense of tradition, sincerity and passion – these adjectives definitely best describe the feel of Oldenburg. Perhaps this is also the reason why Oldenburg is a growing city. The total population has been increasing for years, and now stands at 160,000 residents.

The love of the city, the friendly way people interact with one another, the locals’ down-to-earth attitude and the unbelievable amount of cyclists all contribute to the welcoming atmosphere.



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Oldenburg Christmas Market

Oldenburg Christmas Market

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