St. Lamberti Church, © Oldenburg Tourismus und Marketing GmbH / Verena Brandt
© Oldenburg Tourismus und Marketing GmbH / Verena Brandt

St. Lam­berti Church

St. Lamberti Church, the city’s oldest church and preaching venue of the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oldenburg, stands facing the magnificent Schlosswache (Palace Guard). A number of key religious services and events are held in the church.

The brick building looks absolutely majestic. The tallest of the church’s five towers is around 86 m in height, making St. Lamberti Church the city’s highest building. As such, it features prominently in Oldenburg’s skyline.

Visitors are often surprised when they first set foot in the church, as they get two churches in one: Peter I, the second Regent of the Duchy of Oldenburg, made it one of his major neoclassical projects. From the outside, it is a neo-Gothic brick place of worship with an undeniably angular design. Yet the interior is circular, the result of a refurbishment at the end of the 18th century. Although the external walls remained in place, a neoclassical rotunda was constructed inside. St. Lamberti Church was refurbished and rebuilt between 2007 and 2009, although the architecture of the actual church interior did not change. The result once again symbolises the architectural qualities of the city on the Hunte river, which has retained its title as Germany’s capital of neoclassicism to this day.