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Heide-Park Soltau

Heide Park Resort – Germany’s most extraordinary adventure

Do you want to go on an adventure together? Then northern Germany’s largest theme park is the perfect place for your short break. The Heide Park Resort has plenty of ways to make its visitors’ day an unforgettable one, no matter their age. Lose all sense of direction as you ride on Germany’s only Wing Coaster, "Flug der Dämonen" (Flight of the Demons). Become a dragon trainer in the "How to Train Your Dragon" themed island or fight the Slimer in the Ghostbusters 5D zone. Depending on their age and interests, visitors can embark on their own personal adventure and choose from more than 40 attractions and shows.


Genuine adventurers need sustenance every now and then. Whether you want hearty cuisine or sweet snacks, the food stalls and restaurants in the Heide Park Resort offer a varied selection, no matter how hungry you are.

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Heide-Park Soltau

Heide Park 1
29614 Soltau
Phone: +49 (0) 1806 / 919101