Moorvollbad in Bad Nenndorf, © Staatsbad Nenndorf Betriebsgesellschaft mbH / Tom Figiel
© Staatsbad Nenndorf Betriebsgesellschaft mbH / Tom Figiel


Dark brown and squidgy – mud from the moors does not look particularly appetising. But don’t let this fool you: even ancient civilisations recognised the healing effect of the moor. Although a moor mud bath does not seem appealing at first, its effects are astonishing. Boasting no side effects, moor baths have a positive impact on the skin, they also boost the immune and cardiovascular systems and alleviate pain, particularly in the muscles, tendons and joints.

Moor and peat also boast a special property: they can store heat for prolonged periods. The stored heat is released to the patient’s body much more slowly than a conventional water bath, and the treatment thus lasts longer. This significantly improves circulation, even in deep muscles or joints.

Moor can be used in natural treatments in a number of ways. In a moor mud bath, peat and water are mixed to create a viscous paste which is heated to 39 to 41 degrees. This process greatly stimulates circulation. Your circulation will remain improved and have a positive impact on your organs and brain stem for up to ten hours after taking a bath. A soothing moor bath is beneficial to body and soul.

In natural moor mud wraps, the peat paste is specifically applied to the parts of the body receiving treatment. Applying the wraps to affected body parts enables the peat paste to be used at warmer temperatures. Moor mud wraps can be heated to a maximum of 48 degrees or they can be applied cold. They feel pleasant and are effective in treating ailments such as rheumatism, osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.

The less popular method of drinking moor mud involves filtering fresh water through peat. Patients then drink the water. When it is fed through the mud, the peat releases plant extracts into the water which have a positive impact on the drinker’s health.

Heated or untreated peat is filled in large, flat vats, which patients can wade through with their feet. The buoyancy and cushioning effect of moor treading takes pressure off the joints, despite placing weight on them. It also supplies the muscles with blood and strengthens them. The muscles in your hands can be strengthened through moor kneading.

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