Couple - man and woman - having hydrotherapy water footbath in spa setting, © Kzenon - Fotolia
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Holistic Kneipp therapy treatments are starting to gain in popularity and are still pioneering in naturopathy to this day. Hydrotherapist Sebastian Kneipp lent his name to this treatment and developed his health concept, which is based on five pillars, in the mid-19th century. This holistic naturopathic treatment incorporates hydrotherapy and plant extracts, recommendations for exercise and dietary advice. It can be used as part of a preventive approach or to treat existing medical conditions. The Kneipp cure is a form of comprehensive physiotherapy and can be administered only by Kneipp specialists.

It goes without saying that a holistic approach such as Kneipp therapy requires a suitable environment: Kneipp spas and cure centres have all the natural resources needed to administer treatment, including springs for hot or cold affusions, dew walking or water treading. Nature and tranquillity also reign supreme at the Kneipp spas. This helps guests to relax and find their inner balance.