Schützenausmarsch Hannover, © Landeshauptstadt Hannover
© Landeshauptstadt Hannover


Marksmanship in Germany lives on through its traditions, which differ greatly from region to region. The most famous custom is the Marksmen Festival, which takes place annually in most of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)’s cities, towns and villages. The festival is always centred around a “Schützenkönig” (King of the Marksmen) or “Schützenkönigin” (Queen of the Marksmen) who is honoured with a series of parades.

The world’s largest Marksmen Festival is one of Germany’s most heavily visited festivals and is held in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)’s state capital, Hanover. The festival takes place every year in July, with the highlight being the world’s largest parade of marksmen, featuring around 10,000 participants.

Another tradition at Hanover’s Marksmen Festival is “Lüttje Lage”, whereby beer and schnapps are drunk simultaneously in a somewhat mad ritual!