Maschsee Lake Hannover, © Hannover Marketing & Tourismus GmbH / Christian Wyrwa
© Hannover Marketing & Tourismus GmbH / Christian Wyrwa

Maschsee Lake

Experience Hanover’s relaxed side at its aquatic paradise: the Maschsee lake, the same size as 100+ football pitches, is certainly one of Hanover’s most popular destinations and is famous far and wide. Its city centre location attracts water sports enthusiasts and it is also the perfect place for a stroll, cycle or jog.

The artificial lake was created in the Leinemasch swamp between 1934 and 1936. It hosts regattas and other boat races, including the annual dragon boat race, and is also suitable for a wide range of other water sports.

There is an array of cafés and restaurants around the Maschsee, so walkers have the choice of indulging in coffee and cake or a hearty meal. One of its highlights has to be Germany’s first rollerblading beer garden near the lake’s beach. The Maschsee’s north bank boasts a hotel perched in an exclusive spot with spectacular views of the lake.

One of the main events of the festival season in Hanover, Germany is the annual Maschseefest, when around two million visitors transform Hanover’s most idyllic lake into a social party scene for just under three weeks of the year.



Maschsee Lake

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