Tree tents in the Barfusspark Harkebrügge, © Wolfgang Stelljes
© Wolfgang Stelljes

Tree tents in Nieder­sachsen

The tree tent in Solling

The tents have been pitched between three trees in the woods, at a height of 1.5 metres. Guests staying here can float between the trees, high above the forest floor. The canvas can be removed in fine weather, leaving only the fly sheet separating guests from the wilderness. It doesn’t get more outdoorsy than this!

Toilets and showers are within walking distance. There is a large metal box for each tree tent. In this box, guests will find a table and chairs, a small snack for the morning and even a battery-powered coffee machine. Guests can also store their luggage in the (lockable) box to keep it safe from the racoons.

The tree tent in the Barfußpark Harkebrügge barefoot park

Stay in a tree tent suspended around two metres above ground in the Barfußpark Harkebrügge. The canvas can be removed in the warm summer months, and the views of the forest and the starry sky create a very special atmosphere.

The tree tent has enough space either for three adults or for two adults and two children. Visitors can also experience 46 “barefoot stops” in the park – an exciting way to learn how different materials feel under your feet.

The Barfußpark Harkebrügge is situated in the municipality of Barßel in the north of Oldenburger Münsterland near the beautiful Harkebrügger See lake. It is the only barefoot park in the north-west of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony).

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Barfußpark Harkebrügge

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