Overnight beach chair Norderney, © Staatsbad Norderney GmbH, Janis Meyer
© Staatsbad Norderney GmbH, Janis Meyer

Overnight beach chairs

If you want an overnight stay on the beach, the North Sea in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) is the place to be – the overnight beach chairs are a unique experience. Listen to the lapping of the waves, gaze up at the twinkling stars and watch the natural world of the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are four places where tourists can spend the night on an overnight beach chair big enough for two: Otterndorf, Dangast, Bensersiel and Norderney. A wind- and waterproof cover with windows keeps sleepers dry, even if the weather is poor. Depending on the package, linen, final cleaning and various extras may be included in the price. 

You can find more information on the “die Nordsee” and “Norderney” websites (in German).

Die Nordsee GmbH

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Tourist Information Norderney

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