Typical drinks from Lower Saxony

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Tea from Ostfriesland
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Tea from Ostfriesland

Those who eat well must also drink well. Traditionally, people like to drink beer in Lower Saxony. The most famous brewery is located in the town of Einbeck in the south of Lower Saxony: this is where, more than 600 years ago, bock beer was invented. Many of the breweries are happy to open their doors for visitors. Jever, Wittinger, Gilde, Herrenhäuser, Wolters and Härke are further famous beer specialities from Niedersachsen, such as the drinks high in alcohol content like Ratzeputz, Berentzen, Jägermeister and the Hardenberg-Wilthen spirits from the Keilerland. Emsland as an example is famous for its berry liquors. In Hannover, there is a special drinking custom: if one gets invited to a “Lüttje Lage”, they will get a glass of hard liquor and a beer to be mixed in the mouth. In Ostfriesland things are much more serious when dealing with the national drink of tea. It is not only drunk, a tea cult is celebrated. Exactly measured amounts of the famous East Frisian tea are added to a pre-heated pot and topped up with boiling water. The ritual demands the “Kluntjes“, the candied sugar, not to be added to the cup after the tea. This provides the cosy sizzling sound when the tea is poured. The last thing is a spoon full of cream. And then: do not stir in any case. Real East Frisian tea is then enjoyed with each sip.

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