Shopping in Oldenburg


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A spot of shopping in the pedestrian precinct of Oldenburg is a great way to enjoy some relaxing time out. All the squares and the lanes between the magnificent castle in the south and the medieval Lappan tower in the north have evolved and grown historically; in fact , they are so intricate that if a contemporary event designer were to create a labyrinth guaranteed to get people lost, he couldn’t improve on this. Of course, the main difference is that you can’t go wrong in Oldenburg: Achternstraße and Lange Straße form a circuit, which finishes at the market square outside the neo-gothic church St. Lamberti. In every direction and along all the lanes on the left and right there are countless surprises waiting to be discovered: world-class department stores, exclusive boutiques and owner-managed specialist shops guarantee a great mix and a wonderful shopping experience in Oldenburg. A little like a treasure hunt, a stroll around the streets here can lead you to “great wide world”, for instance the Schlosshöfe centre which offers all the amenities of a modern mall. Or it can take you to the tiny, hidden stores where the owners advise their customers in person and where you can still find truly special items.


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