Osnabrücker Land

A Region Full of Surprises

Osnabrücker Land and its Diverse Landscapes

What’s so special about the Osnabrücker Land region is the tremendous diversity of the countryside, ranging from the Wiehengebirge and Teutoburger Wald uplands, to moraine landscapes, water meadows and some unique moorlands.
The TERRA.vita nature reserve, 80% of which forms part of the Osnabrücker Land region, is one of the few nature reserves in Germany to have been designated a UNESCO Geopark – on the strength of the impressive reflection it offers of 300 million years of the earth’s history.

From Dinosaurs to the Peace of Westphalia – Osnabrücker Land Has a Long Cultural History

The dinosaurs discovered that the region was a good place to live long before we did – 150 million years ago, in fact – and they left behind some giant footprints near Bad Essen to prove it. Many years later, in the year 9AD, the striking landscape that is our present-day Osnabrücker Land came in very useful to the Teutons living there. Thanks to the Wiehengebirge hills falling steeply on one side and swampy moorlands extending away on the other coupled with the prowess of their leader, Arminius, they succeeded in dealing an annihilating defeat to the Roman commander Varus and his legions in the legendary battle at Kalkriese.

A more reconciliatory chapter in European history was written in Osnabrück in 1648, when the Wesphalian Peace Treaty was signed, putting an end to the 30 Years’ War. Cultural sites still commemorate the peace agreement, especially the Friedenssaal (peace hall) of Osnabrück’s ancient town hall, where the five-year peace negotiations took place.

The region’s rich cultural and historical legacy is also reflected in its many, largely still operative windmills and watermills, as well as its mighty moated castles, elegant palaces and imposing stately homes. Remarkable churches and monasteries, fortified churches, quarries, megalithic tombs from the Neolithic age and Artland’s unique farmhouses inform the face of the four exciting areas of Osnabrücker Land.

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