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Osnabruck impresses visitors with its upbeat culture, endearing Old Town with its small, colourful gabled houses, attractive shops and exquisite cuisine.

The city offers a broad spectrum of culture with a vast array of museums, including the Felix Nussbaum Haus designed by architect Daniel Libeskind and the Diözesanmuseum (Diocesan Museum), in addition to the many medieval stone-structure buildings.

Osnabrück is the only major German city situated at the heart of a nature park: the TERRA.vita UNESCO Global Geopark, with its award-winning long distance hiking routes and cycling trips, some of which incorporate Osnabrück city centre.

History was written in Osnabrück. Alongside Münster, this was where the Westfälischer Friede (Peace of Westphalia) was signed. It took five years to negotiate these peace treaties. This slice of history created a legacy for political and cultural life in the present-day city of Osnabrück. The town hall where the peace treaties were signed has been awarded the European Heritage Label.


Im Zoo Osnabrück leben vom Aussterben bedrohte Sumatra-Tiger
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Osnabrück Zoo

Opened in 1936 as a “domestic animal garden”, Osnabrück Zoo is now home to some 2,700 animals of almost 300 species with the various themed areas cover an area of 23.5 hectares.

Leysieffer chocolaterie
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Town hall where the Peace of Westphalia was signed
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Town hall where the Peace of Westphalia was signed

The historic late-Gothic town hall was completed in 1512. The Peace of Westphalia, the treaty that put an end to the Thirty Years’ War, was negotiated here and in Münster in 1648.

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Felix Nussbaum House in Osnabrück

With over 200 works, the Felix Nussbaum House is the largest art collection of the Osnabrück-born Jewish painter Felix Nussbaum, who was murdered by the Nazis.

Außenansicht Varusschlacht Museum
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Varusschlacht - The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest near Osnabrück

Museum and Park Kalkriese

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