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Culinary in Lower Saxony

enlarge pure Green cabbage

pure Green cabbage
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pure Green cabbage

Lower Saxon cuisine is distinguished by its variety of regional specialities.

Fish, shrimps and seafood straight off the boat on the North Sea coast, a feast of wild game dishes fresh from the Harz forest and delicious roast Heidschnucke (a type of moorland sheep) in Lüneburg Heath. Eels from Lake Steinhude in the region of Hanover are also a much-loved speciality.

The southern part of Lower Saxony is renowned for its tasty asparagus and those from Oldenburg know the Pinkel, a specialty sausage traditionally made of bacon, groats of oats or barley, beef suet, pig lard, onions, salt, pepper and other spices.

And let’s not forget East Frisian tea: a cup with rock sugar and a small spoonful of cream is typical Frisian.

Lower Saxony’s alcoholic beverages have even become famous worldwide. King Frederick William I of Prussia only ever drank Duckstein beer from Königslutter in his smoking club and the Bavarian bock beer is in fact an invention from Einbeck. But the most well-known alcoholic beverage comes from Wolffenbüttel: Jägermeister, the herbal liqueur with the stag emblem, is known throughout the world.

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