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Culinary Niedersachsen

The culinary delights of Niedersachsen are as diverse as the regions themselves: country guest houses and fine gourmet restaurants attract their visitors with hearty curly kale and sausage, fine fish, deliciously fresh asparagus and much more. Every area has its specialities. Of course, close to the coast, fresh fish can be found on the plates, in the heath, meagre and sandy grounds are harvested, the river regions, on the other hand, live from fertile fields and juicy meadows. In the mountain region of the Harz, the venison and the clear lakes and streams provide an inspiration for the local hosts’ sauce pans.

Altländer apple days

Healthy fruit

in the Old Land

The Old Land is rightly referred to as Germany’s largest fruit garden. more

Tea from Ostfriesland

Typical drinks from Lower Saxony

Those who eat well must also drink well. more

fresh asparagus

The white gold - Asparagus

It is served with sauce hollandaise or melted butter, with ham and the delicious heath potatoes from the sandy grounds of ... more

pure Green cabbage

“Kohl and Pinkel” (curly kale and sausage)

Specialities from the north

“Kohl and Pinkel” (curly kale and sausage) is the national dish of the north. more

Eel smoke house on the Lake Steinhude

Fish – not only from the sea

Specialities from the north

Delicious fish, freshly caught and onto the plate – a delicacy which is not only offered close to the coast of Lower ... more

UNESCO World Heritage Upper Harz Water Regale

Specialties from the Harz mountains

Harz Cheese

A speciality coming from the low mountain range region is the Harz cheese. more


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